Transfer Gomma has produced successfully for 30 years, heat transfer labels for any kinds of applications, with the last generation technology

We are focused on customer satisfaction and our sales network gets to our customers, both nationally and internationally, quickly and skillfully.

The Certification system: UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 EA 14 makes us a “qualified partner” for any company.


Flexibility and dynamism have always been important values in our company and are always kept unchanged thanks to the periodical training to our operators.

Every phase, from the transfer design to the concrete label production, is carried out carefully by our different inside departments, pigments and resins included.

Our R&D department and laboratory,  and our graphic team together with our talented sales department are continually looking for innovative solutions, capable of solving every single demand of our customers, and we are able in this way to personalize any particular request.

Our after-sales technical service, is a valuable & precious help to all our customers, and it is a contribution to the consolidation of a real partnership with all our customers.


transferring your quality in detail ...